Criminal Defense

When Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal charge alone can cost you freedom, employment, and your reputation, even if it is later dismissed. You need an attorney the moment you believe you that may be charged with a crime. Do not wait for formal charges before you call us.


Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Defending yourself in court is called “pro se.” Acting pro se in criminal court is dangerous because the stakes are so high. Criminal Defense attorneys understand legal complexities and court procedures unfamiliar to most people. Our experience allows us to anticipate the strategies of prosecutors and plan your defense accordingly. We eliminate guesswork from decisions in your case, and help you get the best possible result. Don’t risk your future on someone who isn’t experienced in Criminal Defense.


What Makes Our Firm Different?

We work out of home offices and only use commercial space for client meetings. Our business model allows us to focus our energy and time on our clients, rather than on firm management and meeting large overhead costs. We offer a personal and individual experience. We believe this is essential to putting forward each client’s best case.