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Practice Areas

Stewart Crane's law firm specializes in five main practice areas. These are represented in the main menu above under "Practice Areas", as well as in the links below:


At the law firm of Stewart Crane, clients benefit from twenty-five years of legal experience in the practice of law.  Protecting the interests of clients with cost-effective legal solutions while avoiding, if necessary, costly litigation is the goal of this law practice.

Adoptions: Contested and Uncontested

Because of his interest and experience in adoption law, Mr. Crane was co-drafter of the 2003 Tennessee Adoption Statutes and has taught legal education classes on adoption to other attorneys in East Tennessee. Besides Tennessee adoptions, he has worked on out-of-state and international adoptions, as well as worked with birth parents, adoptive parents, and many adoption agencies.

Estate Planning

By planning your estate, common problems associated with estate proceedings can be avoided; you can make an estate plan that fits your family's particular needs and circumstances.  As an attorney with twenty-five years practice in estate planning, Mr. Crane has assisted hundreds of families in planning their estates. In addition, he has presented estate planning seminars to other East Tennessee attorneys.

Estate Administration (Probate)

Estate administration refers to collecting, inventorying, and appraising the assets of the deceased, as well as filing and paying estate taxes and distributing any remaining assets to beneficiaries. Mr Crane can assist you in administering the estate or trust of a deceased person, or advise you  if you have concerns about an estate from which you expect to benefit.

Conservatorships and Guardianships

Conservators and guardians are appointed by the courts for the person and/or property of a disabled person or for minor children.  If an elderly member of your family is no longer able to sign a power of attorney, he or she will need a conservatorship to handle his business and personal affairs.  A child may need a guardian to manage his financial affairs and/or to protect and manage his daily needs.

Business Law

Consulting with an attorney before entering into a business transaction is much less expensive than the costs of repairing the damage if problems arise in a business due to poor planning or organization. Mr. Crane can assist you with legal consultation for your new or ongoing business.

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